One day the buffalo said, “It’s too wet and cold here and our home is too big.”

The duck responded, “Fine, let’s sell all our stuff, buy a big ol’ truck and a 5th wheel trailer, and go chase the sun for the rest of our days.”

That was not quite what the buffalo meant, but they did it anyway.

The buffalo – Lauren was born in Tennessee but raised in Colorado (near Denver in the suburb of Morrison). After college (graduating from the University of Colorado – Go Buffalos!) Lauren joined AmeriCorps first in Seattle, WA and then in Boston, MA (where she ran into the duck). Lauren left Boston to return to Seattle and the University of Washington for her Masters in Education and then to Chicago for her PhD in the Learning Sciences at Northwestern. Her travels then took her to the San Francisco Bay Area before she reconnected with Scott and moved up to Portland in late 2020.

The duck – Scott was born and raised in Oregon (in the Portland suburb of Beaverton) and spent 26 years in Oregon (graduating from the University of Oregon – Go Ducks!) before moving east to join AmeriCorps and live in Boston, MA. It was in Boston that he first ran across the buffalo. After three years in Boston, Scott moved down south to Austin, TX. Three years later it was time for Scott to move back to Oregon and get his Masters degree in Public Administration from Portland State. After ten years back in Oregon, Scott and Lauren were reunited and spent two and a half years living together in Portland before embarking on the buffalo and the duck adventure!