2023.06.01 updates

We realize we haven’t posted in a while. I have a few posts started about travel days and resources, but these are long and probably boring for all of you. You all just want to know where we are and what we’ve been doing, right? The problem is that we work all week and then either travel or explore on the weekends… However, Scott has created a map of where we’ve been throughout May and until that post is done, here’s a quick rundown of where we’ve been (at least campground/location wise).

We started at a County Fairground in Corvallis Oregon, stayed there for six days, arriving on the weekend and leaving Friday. We had water and electricity at our spot in what was basically a big grassy field. It was nice, but the spots were very close together. Luckily the spots in our section were not all filled (probably because it was still early May).

Then we stayed at a Casino, Spirit Mountain, for one night before heading to the coast. We had full hookups here (water, electricity, and sewer). Again pretty empty and the spots were right next to each other. These spots were pull through (as opposed to back-in), they were paved, and had a nice plastic picnic table for each spot.

Next stop was a Thousand Trails site at the Oregon Coast. We purchased a membership to Thousand Trails so we can stay for free for a certain time period. When we first got there on Saturday, we chose a spot that was relatively easy to get into. Trouble was, it was surrounded by tall trees that blocked our satellite internet, so after a terrible workday on Monday, we moved Tuesday after work. It was like night and day, super shady and cool in the first spot, sunny and hot in the second. Both sites had electricity and water hookups and a wooden picnic table. The campground was in the middle of upgrading their power so many sites were closed due to the construction. Which meant it was both full and empty. This was our first experience with sites that are occupied full time. Apparently some people live at these campgrounds year round. This site was walking distance to the beach (you can see photos from our beach escapades in the gallery).

Next stop was a RV Resort and Marina in Rockaway Oregon, again on the coast. These spots were mostly all taken and it seemed like most people were living there full time, at least in the section we were staying in. There was an upper section (where we stayed) and across the highway and close to the river was the other section. This was again full hookups (water, electricity, and sewer) and we had a wooden picnic bench. Our section was basically a gravel lot with some shrubbery between the spots. They also had other camping spots that were a bit more in the woods (also with electricity and water hookups), but as we wanted open sky for access to our internet, those weren’t an option. We were here for about a week.

Over Memorial Day we stayed at a park that felt very similar to the first county fairgrounds, as in the spots were all in a big grassy field, very close together, just water and electricity. Of course because it was Memorial Day weekend, it was packed. This photo was taken soon after we arrived and before the whole section was packed with families celebrating the long weekend and start to camping season (although let’s be honest, this is not camping).

Monday we traveled to Bend and will be in this campground for another week. It’s another Thousand Trails campsite with water, electricity, and a wooden picnic table. It was quiet the first week during the weekdays but people started rolling in today and almost all of the spots around us are now full. These spots do have a bit more trees and land between them so it’s not just a big grassy field with everyone next to each other, but it still feels pretty crowded. The nice thing about this spot is that it backs up to a big field for tent camping. During the week was empty, but all the sites have wooden picnic benches and so I took my laptop out to the sunny field to work (not pictured, sorry!).

Current / Future plans: We’ll stay in Bend for another two weeks before heading back to Portland for the last two weeks of June. We’ll head to Tahoe after that, then over to Colorado!

2 thoughts on “2023.06.01 updates

  1. Derek Wehr

    You two are amazing! The definition of freedom without the far left and far right mistakes that society is making.


  2. Sam Smirnova

    Love all of this!!! So brave to head out before testing the holding tanks. I guess from the latest post that problem has been figured out? Or are you not needing it because you have full hook up spots? How has the cooking and shopping side of the story been? Mosquito season yet? So wet here a small walk is like making yourself the evening meal. Can’t wait till you make it to Colorado.


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