A little r & r

After all of the issues we dealt with last week, it was really great to have a low-key, relaxing week.

Our travel day down to Mesa Verde last Friday was smooth and uneventful. The RV park we’re staying at is one of the best we’ve stayed at so far. The sites are big and flat and easy to get into, the park staff is super friendly and accommodating, and it’s not very expensive!  We are here for two weeks and thoroughly enjoying the stay.

Last weekend we took a trip down to the Four Corners Monument which was only about a 45-minute drive from where we are staying.

Other than that, this week has been mostly just work during the day and taking it easy at night. It was my birthday on Wednesday and we (surprisingly) found a Thai restaurant back in town so we had take-out and Lauren made carrot cake muffins.

But the real highlight of the week was going into Mesa Verde National Park yesterday.

This was the 16th national park we’ve visited together (we each have seen a couple more, separately) and the last of the Colorado four. Our travels over the next couple months should allow us to visit six more parks throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Speaking of travels, we’ve got one more relaxing week here and then we hit the road again next Friday on our way to the Utah/Arizona desert to find a good boondocking spot where we can take in the annular solar eclipse. Fingers crossed we find a good spot and have clear skies!

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