Author: The Duck

A new year

It has been a couple weeks since our last update and there are a few things to get caught up on… After spending Christmas in Carlsbad, NM, we were finally able to get the repairs done on the 5th wheel and get back on the road. The new leaf springs seem to have fixed our […]

Giving thanks

Last Sunday we made it to our boondocking spot down near Carlsbad, New Mexico, without any trouble but my hope for fewer things shaking the 5th wheel did not come to pass. It has been super windy, pretty much since we got here. The 5th wheel is holding up fine but we get some decent […]


It was a productive and relaxing week at our lakeside boondocking site. Well, relaxing except for one of the most frightening things I’ve ever experienced. Our spot was just a few miles from Holloman Air Force Base and all week we had a squadron of F-16 jets flying training runs overhead (for a kid who […]


The week in El Paso went by quickly, and that’s a good thing. With about a million people (plus another 2.5 million in Juarez across the border) it’s a big, noisy, dirty city and not quite on par with most of the places we’ve been staying so far. The only reason we were in El […]

So many things

We had a really great two weeks in Tucson, but it was also a little exhausting with everything we tried to pack into those 14 days. Up until Tucson we hadn’t really been going out to eat much or experiencing much of the nightlife of the cities and towns we’ve passed through and I think […]