This is more like it

This week was worth all the trouble it took to get here.

After the flat tire adventure on Saturday we continued on with our journey and made it to the Flaming Gorge area Sunday afternoon, as planned.  We didn’t have any more unexpected surprises on the way out here and the camping spot we found was better than we could have hoped for.  After 6 weeks of less than stunning views at the KOA in Strasburg, this week has felt more like what we thought we were signing up for.

The Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area stretches across southwest Wyoming and into northeast Utah along the Green River and is surrounded by the Ashley National Forest.  It may not be a national park, or even a very popular tourist destination, but it’s some of the most beautiful scenery we’ve seen so far.

The part of the gorge we’ve been staying at is just across the border into Utah atop the rim of the Red Canyon section.  This is the view just a few feet from our front door…

And it made for some stunning sunrises.

Early in the week we took a short hike along the canyon rim and came across a group of bighorn sheep grazing along the trail.  A few hours later, when I was back at our camping spot sitting on the edge of the rim taking in the view, they strolled right past us.

The campground we’re at has been mostly empty other than us and it’s fairly primitive – no water, electricity, or sewer hookups.  But with our solar system and holding tanks we’ve had all the comforts of home inside the 5th wheel and all the quiet beauty of remote wilderness outside.  It’s been an amazing week and I know I’ll be sad to have to get back on the road tomorrow as we head into Evanston for my work conference.

But we’ve marked this spot down and I wouldn’t be surprised if we come back again if we’re traveling along I-80 through Wyoming and need a place to get off the road for a bit.

6 thoughts on “This is more like it

  1. Tracy Machacek

    Ummm, I may have to give notice and become a nomad like my boss. I love that you both are living your best lives.

    1. The Duck Post author

      The week we just spent in the Flaming Gorge is one of my top 3 moments of our journey so far. If only half our weeks are like that one, this will be an amazing adventure!

  2. Judi

    Stunning! Looks so beautiful and peaceful. Glad you found such a nice place after Strasburg to relax and commune with nature. Awesome to see the animals right up close!

  3. Alicia

    Yay, thanks for the updates! Looks like an amazing place to stay (and I bet a lot cooler). You’re so lucky your spare was an actual tire! Hope you get a week of enjoying the beautiful sunrises!

    1. The Duck Post author

      It was a lot cooler in both regards (temperature and experience)!

      And yeah, we were VERY lucky that our spare was a full-size tire and we were able to keep going without too much trouble. We got two new front tires the other day here in Evanston, so we’re back to 100% and ready to hit the road again soon. At least now we know what to do if it happens again!


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